Saturday, June 14, 2008


I completed my piece for the Totoro Forest Project, a fund raising exhibition/auction to support the national trust Totoro Forest Foundation that Hayao Miyazaki has been helping over the years. Artists from around the world in the fields of animation, comic books and illustration are creating and donating original pieces to be auctioned off at Pixar Animation Studios on September 6, 2008. My piece is entitled “Plane Spotting Spirit.”

My piece - “Plane Spotting Spirit”

Totoro Forest Project book cover

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This book is a collaboration of fourteen current and ex-Blue Sky designers. We each contributed a short graphic story. My story, “Sub Plotter,” takes place in the Second World War and the flat graphic shapes and limited, desaturated color palettes of wartime posters were a strong influence on the visual treatment. I designed it on paper, cleaned up the shapes with vectors in Flash and finished the color work in Photoshop. “Out of Picture 2” is now available on Amazon.

Page 2 of "Sub Plotter"

Table of Contents illustration by Daniel Lopez Munoz